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Old New Borrowed and Blue

Ever find a sign that’s almost perfect, but you wish you could switch up a few things? Keep reading, as I may be able to help!

A few weeks ago I received an email for a bridal shower sign from Amanda who I went to high school with. She’s helping her friend, (aka: the bride) Sonja put together a rustic bridal shower. I asked Amanda to send me a picture of the idea she had in mind, and she sent me this sign off pinterest.

We had the saying, but needed to have it fit Sonja’s wedding theme. After some emails back and forth, we changed added sunflowers (which will be in Sonja’s wedding bouquet) and pops of blue for her wedding color theme.

With all of this in mind, I sent Amanda a sketch of what I had in mind to see if we were both on the same page. Amanda gave her blessing so we started up the sign!

I had Kris build a 24 x 32 inch frame and painted it black. Once it was dried, I stenciled on the sketch we agreed on and I was very happy with the finished product.

I can’t wait to see this at Sonja’s bridal shower!

Interested in having one made for you or your friend? Check out the listing and contact me to draw one up for you. 


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