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Birthday Chalkboards

Words cannot describe how adorable baby Nathan is.

I was fortunate enough to work with both of Nathan’s parents, Christen and Jon at my previous job. When Christen announced her pregnancy, she came into the office around Halloween time with an orange shirt that had a jack-o-lantern around the (barely noticeable) bump of her belly. The office went ecstatic for her and Jon’s great news.

Since it is well known that Jon is a BIG superheros fan, I created a custom birthday chalkboard for Nathan with Jon’s love of superheros in mind. Since month one, Christen & Jon have continued to post monthly photos of Nathan for me and others to engorge in. As of this this week, baby Nathan has turned one! Sending out a special happy birthday to Nathan, and a thank you Christen and Jon for letting us share in these precious moments.



– The chalkboard is MDF board, and the designs/fonts are wet erase fluorescent bright-sticks. You can request to have the sign framed in, and all signs come with a saw-tooth hanger on the back so that it can be hung or positioned for photographs.

– The chalk used can be erased with water for your growing child (or multiple children, as you can erase the name as well). The chalk is not “chalky” and will not rub off unless water is used.

**I suggest using regular chalk when filling in the child(s) information. The bright-sticks can be erased with water, but tends to leave a shadow image. 

Here’s what you do

Step 1

Start by choosing any example you find and like. I usually suggest the customer to pick from the theme of the invitation, or what the couple’s love (I’ve done a NFL Buffalo Bills one before… you can think outside the box!)

Bright-stick colors available for use are fluorescent white, green, blue, yellow and pink.

*Paint is an option for the portions of your sign that you plan to continually use (ie: height, weight, favorites, etc). This allows you to have more flexibility with color options.


Step 2

Add/subtract the information you want on your sign. Some of the most commonly used are:

  • Name of birthday boy/girl
  • Height and weight
  • Number of teeth
  • Favorite food(s)
  • Favorite toy(s)
  • Favorite book
  • I love

I would suggest a maximum of 5 categories in order to have adequate space for the details


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