LTgovIn 2013, my sister and I started creating hand painted, custom signs for our friends as they celebrated events surrounding marriage, home ownership, pets, babies, you name it!

The support we received from the recipients of our signs, helped with pushing this new “business” forward. So we created a Facebook  page, and simply posted pictures of the pieces we created. As the number of pieces we created grew, so did our fan base.

In 2014, I decided to make this hobby a business, and my sister supported me as I went solo with filing Splintered as a DBA. Over a two hundred sales on Etsy, a fan base of 700+ on Facebook, and the most loyal, supportive group of friends, family and costumers… I can say I am one proud small business owner!

Again, a huge thank you goes out to my friends and family for their support. A special thank you to my husband Kris, who is constantly teaching me new  ways of improving my signs. Also, to Shari Brodmann at The Flour Shop in Penn Yan who has been hanging signs of mine in her store since I started. Dan Mitchell at Staving Artist Woodworks for barn shopping, small business ownership advice, and pulling me in on some great collaborations. Last but not least, Greg Montano for constantly telling me to create an online presence through my own website, and then helping me every step of the way.

I am thrilled to share my journey with you, and hope that one of my signs can now become a part of your journey.